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Meet  Our Team


Stephanie Rice, Fit Fab Life Founder


Stephanie was an extreme athlete from a very young age. If she wasn’t at school or work she was kicking butt on the softball field. She fell in love with health and wellness while working with a personal trainer during high school. This love led her to Jacksonville University where she graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Science, Cum Laude, and received the Exercise Science Student of the Year award in 2008.


Stephanie more than understood the benefits of exercise, but the years of high intensity gym lifestyle was leaving her with hurting joints, and sore, tight muscles that made her miserable for days.


Then Stephanie tried a Pilates Reformer class

and her life was changed forever. 


Stephanie could feel her body changing a little more after every session. Her sense of where her body was in space increased. She could feel her body balancing out, lengthening, and getting stronger without the miserable days to follow. Her body was finally functioning properly, leaving her with no more pain to manage everyday life.


This transformation turned into pursuing a Balanced Body Pilates certification and ultimately opening up Fit Fab Life. Her goal is to help those who want to find exercise and movement that make their bodies feel alive today so they can move better tomorrow.



ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Weight Management Specialist

TRX Suspension Trainer

MBG Advanced Functional Nutrition

Balance Body Pilates Reformer Instructor 

Biomechanics Method for Corrective Exercise Specialist


Fit Fab Life Instructors

Anna Collins-Davila
Pilates I

Anna is a certified classically trained Pilates instructor. Anna loves the confidence and strength that she feels after a great Pilates workout. She began teaching Pilates to help others gain that same confidence. When she isn’t teaching Pilates, Anna has a full-time career in finance. She also loves going to concerts, is an avid 80s rock fan, and enjoys going on adventures and camping with her husband, Chris, and her Weimaraner, Bluebelle.


Dori Gonzalez
Pilates Instructor

Dori holds a Classical Pilates Education Comprehensive Apparatus and Mat Certification, as well as a VAULT Barre Certification. Dori grew up dancing and cheering. She first fell in love with Pilates as a teenager when she took weekly classes at the YMCA in her hometown of Winter Park, Florida. After graduating from FSU, she worked in the Public Relations industry for a few years before turning her passion of Pilates into a full time career. Dori loves helping her clients achieve their Pilates goals of becoming stronger, leaner, more flexible and confident in their bodies. She believes the core principles of Pilates transcend into everyday life!


Katherine Hanson
Yoga Instructor


Riley Ford
Pilates & Y
oga Instructor


Katherine Hanson is a Registered Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher, holding both a certification in trauma-focused somatic care and a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification.  She specializes in helping her clients to use the body to heal the mind and calm the nervous system as they seek to overcome stress and heal from trauma.  She is passionate about working with students to give them the keys to their own health and healing by cultivating mindfulness and joy through movement.

Yoga has been transformational for Riley. What started as a hope to find a new movement practice, after she stopped dancing in college, became a deep appreciation for the inner work of yoga. As she dedicated herself to

practicing yoga, her sense of peace and grace expanded.

Riley completed her 200 hour YTT with Ember Hot Yoga in Woodstock, GA and started dreaming of sharing her love of yoga with as many people as possible.

You can expect her classes to be grounding with plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself. Each of her classes focuses on breathing and becoming more aware of how your body and mind respond to the movement.


Stephane Ughetto
Yoga Instructor

Stephane views yoga as lengthening, strengthening and listening to music. It is that simple to him; he loves yoga. He believes yoga is an opportunity in self inquiry—

by continuing to come to the mat, your inquiry may grow into other areas of your life. He earned his 200 Hour YTT Certificate with Awakened Life School of Yoga, at Blue Spirit in Nosara, Costa Rica, and recently completed his 300 Hour YTT at Nexus Yoga Institute, also in Nosara. He is a 500 RYT registered with Yoga Alliance. He loves how individual a person’s practice can be – it can be on their own mat, chair, even in a group class. Stephane specializes in the ever-evolving practices of modern postural yoga and gentle vinyasa flow – he hopes to see you in class soon!

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