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Fit Fab Life Offerings

Private Training • Semi-Private • Pilates • Classes • Yoga

Find the class that is right for you! 

Private Training & Semi-Private Training

 The best and most effective way to reach your fitness goals is through specialization and accountability. Whether you’re training to lose weight, recovering from an injury or just want to trim and tone, Fit Fab Life's program will help improve your fitness and have you feeling great.


Have a buddy you like to work out with? Fit Fab Life offers duet private trainings for two and it lessens the cost. This option is great for friends and couples alike! 

Reformer Pilates

Pilates date back to the early 1900's and was created by Joseph Pilates. The Reformer is a machine that offers a full body work out that increases balance, strength, core control, body awareness, and promotes proper alignment.


Each class is 50 minutes and is a unique experience because it is semi-private - each class only holds 4. Instructed by Stephanie Rice and Dori Gonzalez.


*A prerequisite of a Pilates Learning Lesson is a must for new beginners. You will have a private session with Stephanie, where you will learn the ins and outs of the reformer as well as get a great work out! $50. Call Fit Fab Life or email to sign up.*


Beginner Reformer Pilates - This class is for those new to Pilates, recovering from injury, and/or need some extra tender loving care! Center yourself with this challenging yet soothing class made for everyone. 50 minutes, $25 per class

Pilates Reformer Class - Perfect for all levels, this Reformer class will activate your mind, body, and spirit! 50 minutes, $25 per class

Advanced Pilates Reformer - For the more seasoned Pilates enthusiast, this class is perfect for advancing to the next level. This class is not for someone with injuries. 50 minutes, $25 per class

Pilates Power Reformer Class - Get your burn on with this quick and explosive cardio-filled Pilates class! Power through your lunch break so you can take on the rest of the day. 45 minutes, $25 per class


Do your body a favor and get your blood pumping. Your heart is a muscle too, and Fit Fab Life's class workouts will get your heart-rate up! Instructed by Stephanie Rice and Jamie West. Each class is 45 minutes and holds 8-10 people.

TRX HIIT – This class focuses on strengthening the muscles while getting a max calorie burn at the same time. The TRX straps help increase mobility, stabilization, and strength using only body weight. Mixing in cardio movements periodically throughout the class spike the heart rate, boost metabolism and burn those calories! Designed to get you sweating and moving, you will leave happy and ready for the day! 45 minutes, $15 per class.

TRX Suspension Training – This class mixes High Intensity Interval Training and the TRX Suspension Trainer. You will leave with your muscles feeling weak and your heart happy! 50 min, $15 per class.

Fit Fab Abs & Ass"sets" - One heart shaped butt and toned tummy coming up! Feel the inches shed off with this fabulous core and glute burning class. Slim the silhouette with this quick but intense booty and belly class! 45 minutes, $15 per class.

Yoga Barre - This class combines elements of yoga, Pilates and dance and focuses on high reps using a small range of motion and movement. This class will strengthen, tone, and help you lose inches! The last part of class is spent all on the mat to specifically concentrate on abdominal work. 55 minutes, $15 per class.


Fit Fab Life's Yoga classes are designed to make your mind and body stretch and sweat. Taught by Lindsey Pyle, Jamie West, Elle Smith and Katherine Hanson. Classes are 45 minutes, 60 minutes or 75 minutes, and can hold 8-10 people.

Yoga Flow Foundations -  This class is an unheated full-body flow experience that will explore yoga postures and fundamental principles of Vinyasa yoga. Good for all levels, the class will stay consistent in sequencing, allowing both beginners and advanced students alike to deepen their practice both in breath and movement. 60 minutes, $15 per class.

Yoga Flow - Meet on the mat for an hour of the YogaWorks Method, combining lyengar and Vinyasa yoga. Through sequencing and holding certain asanas, we will flow and feel fabulous...come get comfortable with the uncomfortable! 60 minutes, $15 per class.

Power Lunch Yoga -  Get a good sweat in on your lunch break! This class stays true to the Power Vinyasa style that balances strength, movement and breath, detoxifying both mind and body. The unique sequences will vary from class to class, targeting the full body, leaving you sweaty, revitalized and invigorated! 45 minutes, $15 minutes.

Power Flow Yoga - This class is lightly heated and stays true to the Power Vinyasa style that balances strength, movement and breath, detoxifying both body and mind. The unique sequences will vary from class to class, targeting the full body, leaving you sweaty, revitalized and invigorated! 60 minutes, $15 per class.

Morning Flow Yoga - Good for all levels, this class gets you in and out in only 50 minutes. Focusing on opening up the body after a long week you will be ready to tackle the weekend. Lightly heated. 50 minutes, $15 per class. 

Rise and Shine Yoga – Energize and invigorate your body with this brief 45-minute yoga class to help you start the day! This class combines knowledge, mobility, and strength giving you the tools to take on the week. Plan to sweat and work hard – the room is slightly  heated. 45 min, $15 per class.

Power Flow + Restore Yoga - All the good stuff rolled into one class. First 45 minutes is dedicated to Power Yoga combining breath, strength and movement to build incredible heat and detoxify the body. The last 30 minutes slows it down to settle into deep restorative postures releasing any remaining tension still held in the hips, shoulders and back. A perfect way to end the weekend and reset for the week ahead. Lightly heated for beginning of class only. 75 minutes, $15 per class.

Slow Flow Yoga -  This class is practiced in a heated room, and begins by focused movements to help understand where the body activates in order to sustain a pose. Flowing through the practiced poses, arm balances, and inversions are incorporated as well. 60 minutes, $15 per class.

Therapeutic Yoga – Focus on breathing while moving into stretches and postures, deepening the breath and aligning the body and mind. During this class, with each movement and/or hold, we will intend to let go more and more – mentally and physically. 60 minutes, $15 per class.


Yoga for Stress Management – You’ve probably heard that practicing yoga is great for managing stress and healing the mind, and this class delivers on that promise! Unmanaged high stress levels can lead to chronic health issues as well as physical and emotional traumas. By combining pranayama (breath work), asanas (postures), and guided meditation into a 60-minute flow, you will learn mind-body resources to help manage stress and begin to heal in a safe and compassionate environment. This class is perfect for both beginners and established yogis! 60 minutes, $15 per class.

Kids Yoga - For ages 5 and up. One hour yoga in the amphitheater (weather permitting)! Drop off and run some errands of have some well deserved “me time” – your kids will be having the best time learning how to stretch, breathe and be still! 45 minutes, $15 per class.