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Private Training & Semi-Private Training

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 The best and most effective way to reach your fitness goals is through specialization and accountability. Whether you want to lose weight, recovering from an injury, or just want to feel great, private instruction meets the clients specific needs. *Although the client will have their own instructor, there may be one or more private sessions taking place in a shared space. If you are concerned about sharing a space, please schedule your sessions outside of peak hours.


Have a buddy you like to work out with? Fit Fab Life offers duet private training for two and it lessens the cost. This option is great for friends and couples alike! 

Non- Apparatus Classes

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TRX Suspension Training - TRX is a form of suspension training that uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It requires the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer, a performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user's body weight to complete the exercises. Perfect for all levels.

Abs and Ass"sets" - Mat Pilates inspired, this fun, quick, and challenging class will leave you feeling amazing with this fabulous core burning class! Everything around the center of your body will be screaming for mercy and begging for more.


Rise and Shine Yoga – Energize and invigorate your body with this yoga class to help you start the day! This class combines knowledge, mobility, and strength giving you the tools to take on the week. Plan to sweat and work hard!


Yoga Flow - Meet on the mat and try the YogaWorks Method, combining lyengar and Vinyasa yoga. Through sequencing and holding certain asanas, we will flow and feel fabulous...come get comfortable with the uncomfortable!

Power Flow Yoga - This class stays true to the Power Vinyasa style that balances strength, movement and breath, detoxifying both body and mind. The unique sequences will vary from class to class, targeting the full body, leaving you sweaty, revitalized and invigorated! Lightly heated


Therapeutic Yoga – Focus on breathing while moving into stretches and postures, deepening the breath and aligning the body and mind. During this class, with each movement and/or hold, we will intend to let go more and more – mentally and physically.


Yoga Flow + Restore Yoga - All that you love about yoga rolled into one class. The first half is dedicated to an invigorating yet accessible vinyasa flow to find strength and energy. Then we slow it down, settling into deep restorative postures to release any remaining tension and prepare the mind to enter into oneness with the body. A perfect way to start your day!

Apparatus Classes - Pilates

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Chill Pilates Reformer – Chill focuses on core control, balance, flexibility, and proprioception (sense of self-movement and body position). Great for reformer newbies, post rehab, injuries, or those who want to fine-tune their Pilates practice going back to the Joseph Pilates Contrology movements (Level 1/2). 


Ignite Pilates Reformer- This reformer class will ignite you from the inside out focusing on strength with quick transition, multiple movements, spring changes, and utilization of props. For the more advanced Pilates enthusiast, it is not recommended for those with active injuries or with less than 15 hours experience on the reformer (Level 2/3).


Burn Pilates Reformer - Using high intensity interval training, this class will get your muscles burning through a rigorous regimen cardio, strength, and core control. Perfect for the advanced Pilates enthusiast. Burn is not recommended for those with injuries or less than 25 hours experience on the reformer (Level 3).

Music Pilates Reformer – This fun, upbeat, cardio packed Pilates Reformer class is one of a kind! The whole class is set to the tempo of music and is sure to have you feeling sweaty, strong, and ready to go (Level 2+).