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Get a Little Nutritional Boost! 

Fit Fab Life is excited to offer

IV Therapy

IV nutritional therapy has a wide range of health benefits including anti-aging, metabolism and energy boosting, improved immune system and performance and much more. Because IV Therapy is administered into the veins, the results might be faster than those of oral or other traditional medicines. We are excited to offer Olympia IV Therapy with Dr. Betty Koukis - sit back, relax and enjoy the many benefits of this service!


IV Options:

 Immunity: strengthen immune system and feel better faster
Get Up & Go: burn fat, feel energized, boost metabolism
Recovery & Performance: decrease recovery time and enhance athletic performance

IV fluids are also known as saline solution. This sterile solution is made of sodium chloride and water. This liquid is the foundation of every IV solution, providing essential hydration, diluting medications, and facilitating the delivery of vitamins throughout the body. IV solutions ensure 100% absorption rate, giving your body the maximum effect of the nutrients and medications in the IV formula.

The human body is composed of 60% water, which means staying hydrated is essential to every system. Proper hydration provides the following health benefits: cushions joints, maintains cardiovascular health, improves endurance, boosts mood, promotes and improves energy production, boosts concentration and focus, and helps mental clarity.

Medical Injection Offerings

Biotin: enhances hair, skin and nails. Helps prevent hair loss, increases metabolism, and improves blood glucose


Vitamin B12: helps keep the body's nerve and blood cells healthy, preventing megaloblastic anemia


Tri-immune with glutathione: antioxidant and immune booster, aids in weight loss and detoxifying heavy metals


Lipo-mino: fat burner and metabolism booster, aids in weight loss and energy levels

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